Sneak Peek – 2012 Wedding Trends

From searching for hours on Google to tirelessly flipping through magazines, finding ideas for your wedding can get a little tough.

There is still over 1 month until the New Year, but that hasn’t kept future brides from making plans for 2012 weddings. In fact, our brides have even started commissioning us for 2013!

We’ve been part of countless weddings, and we know what goes on behind the scenes at a wedding. We know about the overwhelmed sighs and raised eyebrows.

So to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of top 2012 wedding trends (This is our take from a great article that we recently read on the Weddings InStyle blogspot).

Source: Weddings InStyle Blogspot

Wedding gowns:

·      From corsets to chokers to high-collars, 2012 will enter in style, bringing back the lavish full-length skirts. Get ready for weddings inspired by Victorian styles!

·      There doesn’t seem to be an end to the separate reception dress. Many brides will choose an ornate dress for their wedding ceremony, and will change into something more casual and manageable for the reception.  The reception dress will feature a more relaxed and funky look.


·      While some couples will settle on bold color themes (think deep pink and sunny yellow), others will opt for a more tranquil color palette like pale blue and beige.

·      Nature-themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and a lot of brides will choose real flowers or exotic plants for centerpieces and décor. This also means that many weddings will feature more natural, earthy color palate.


·      Though it isn’t a new fad, do-it-yourself is the latest trend in weddings. Homemade wedding invitations and décor are no longer seen as money-saving techniques. In fact, they showcase your personality as a couple to your guests. You can create centerpieces, escort cards, guest book alternatives, photo booths, favors, and even table numbers through the DIY technique to personalize your wedding.


·      Pies.  Cupcakes. Brownies. Yum! 2012 will showcase full-on dessert tables with homemade treats. Some couples will also plan for an additional “Goodnight” station at the end of their reception to pamper their guests. The send-off treats can range from doughnuts to traditional ice cream sandwiches to bagels or even heart-shaped cookies.