2013 Wedding Trends!

To start the new year, we want to share the biggest wedding trends for this year with you! Tell us which one is your favorite on our Facebook Fan Page!

Patterns: 2013 is going to be full of patterns like strips and chevron. The best way to incorporate these will be from something as small as table runners to your bridal party outfits. The best part about this trend is you can incorporate this as much or as little as you want. For example, have your bridesmaids wear a polka dot outfit and your groomsmen wear paisley ties! Do you want a bigger statement?! Then have table covers full of stripes and napkins full of different prints and textures! The possibilities are truly endless!

The New Lounge: 2012 was all about having the lounge setting at your reception. However, we definitely think this will still be in for 2013, but even bigger and better! The beauty behind this trend is you can entertain your friends who want to dance all night while still allowing the rest of your guests to stick around, without being obligated to do the same. They can mingle, eat, chat, and dance if they want to!

Lacey: While prints will be huge in 2013, so will lace! Whether it’s going to be the brides outfit completely made of lace or in the simpler details like décor, lace will be a great touch. We believe brides will start to incorporate these lace details in their runners, invitations, and even in wedding cakes!

Technology: This will be the year of technology. If your wedding guests cannot attend, this will be the year in which we will see so many live stream weddings. There will be stations with ways to let your guests have a front view of your wedding!

Twenties Theme: Whether it’s due to the Great Gatsby or just the vintage look, the roaring 20s is going to be the next biggest trend this year. The gayety era is going to make a huge boom this year in the wedding market. Remember, it’s all about lace, pearls, feathers, and the color ivory. Doesn’t this scream wedding?!

Food Trucks: 2013 is going to be full of after parties after your reception, and they must include food trucks. Meals on wheels have been the new inspiration at weddings mainly to help your guests tame their hunger after a night full of dancing and drinking! Whether it’s for a full meal or just dessert, you can make food trucks meant for one meal or all!

Did we miss anything?

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