3 Ghosts


A message from Shezad Manjee, Chief Creative Officer at Hakim Sons Films:

“Here at Hakim Sons Films we are proud to announce our partnership with Marcus D. Lopez on his independent film, ‘3 Ghosts.’ We are excited about this new venture and look forward to working with him to produce a full-length motion picture. With more than a decade of experience in the wedding film industry, we are eager to expand our style of filmmaking with Marcus. This has been a five year dream for Marcus, and when he first approached us about partnering on the project, he presented the most well prepared pitch we’d ever seen. I thought, ‘How could we not be a part of this project?’

For us, filmmaking is a family tradition that stems back three generations; from a grandfather who sought vision and innovation to a grandson who excels at it. Today, our company has grown into a team of dedicated and passionate cinematographers and creative artists who make it their mission to tell unique stories. Our films evoke style and sincerity to capture our client’s most precious moments. We use today’s technology and generations of experience to transform your memories into a masterpiece.

We’re proud to serve as co-producer for ‘3 Ghosts’ and to provide the cameras, lenses, lighting and audio equipment necessary to complete the project. We’re leveraging our friends and fan base to create a chilling, supernatural thriller. Once the film is completed, we’ll be eager to enter the finished product in the festival circuit. In years past, films such as these required large production budgets. However with the advances in technology and filmmaking, we are now able to produce high quality works of art without needing the big, Hollywood resources to do so. Without question, the end result will be a labor of love between Marcus and our team. We encourage everyone to help see the project through by sharing the video below with your friends on Facebook & Twitter, or by donating to our Kickstarter page.”