A breakfast block party…


Usually we are either on location filming for events or working on post-production tasks at the studio, but yesterday was a very exciting day for us here at Hakim Sons Films.

You could say we had an indoor block party, but for us it was much more than just that. As you may already know, we moved into a new studio just recently and wanted to waste no time in getting to know our neighbors. We kicked this off by hosting the weekly Stanley Korshak staff meeting at our new studio yesterday and made over sixty new friends!

At the beginning of the meeting, our team was introduced by the owner of Stanley Korshak—Crawford Brock—who gave us a really warm welcome into his Stanley Korshak family. Also during the meeting, Shezad gave a brief presentation about Hakim Sons Films.

The Stanley Korshak team was very pleased with our demo reels for the store. Staff members kept saying that our work was “beautiful”, “fabulous”, “amazing” and many more kind things. You can see what the hype is all about here: (Dallas HD Film Demo Reel and Hakim Sons Films Demo Reel ).

What’s a meeting without scrumptious food? Ours had Tinstar breakfast tacos, freshly baked cookies, poundcake and lots of orange juice!

Our history is rich with fond memories, from weddings to engagements to concept films. We are thankful to have made so many friends along the way—including our neighbors at Stanley Korshak. We hope to host similar events to build new partnerships very soon!