After the Holiday Sales-What to Buy For Your Wedding!

After the crazy holidays, it’s time to take advantage of the big sales! Whether you are a DIY bride or not try to buy some of these items to help your budget. Also, you can even let your wedding planner know about these sales!

Lights, Lights!-All of the twinkle lights that everyone wraps around their tree will be on sale! Take these lights and put them any where throughout your wedding. For example, you can add them to your buffet table, cake table, centerpieces, and even your chairs! The options are truly endless and they will be so cheap you can even buy in bulk!

Ornaments- Ornaments become dirt cheap after Christmas! There are variety of colors, shapes, and sizes; therefore, you can have it match your decor completely! We have seen some brides place ornaments as table number holders.

Candles and Candlesticks-You can never have enough candles at any wedding. The beauty about the holidays and after them is candles go on sale!! We have seen candles become as cheap as a dollar at Hobby Lobby. Again, you can buy candles in any shape, color, size, and texture to fit your wedding!

Store Sales- During this time of the year, stores like Target have great sales on all kinds of appliances. This is the perfect time to cross these items off your shopping list.

Walmart- Hundreds of items will be marked half-off, including very expensive items like electronics, laptops, and even tablets!

Best Buy-Their sale starts today and will continue till the 30th!

Target-Their sale starts today in stores and online! They are also giving away a $10 gift card when you purchase $75 or more in all departments. Shopping online? Then make sure you use this promo code for your $10 gift card: XMASGIFT!

Wedding Favors-Whether it’s ribbons, bows, or even gift bags this is the best time to buy them. Stores want to get rid of these items to bring in new inventory and these items are perfect for any wedding favor! We have seen so many brides buy clear bags and ribbon to wrap all of their favors in!

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I will be back soon!