Behind the Scenes with Brides of North Texas



Open a magazine lying around your coffee table and flip to the fashion section.

They say a picture can paint a thousand words, but what about the elements that come together to paint that image? Ever wonder where that photo shoot took place? Or where the photographer stood to take that ‘WOW’ shot? Or why the model struck that pose?

Behind each page there is a vision; it takes a creative designer, a talented photographer, and a focused writer to deliver this vision to you.

And we want you witness this undertaking.

This week, we will spotlight behind the scenes videos from the Brides of North Texas Magazine, which showcase different photo shoots ranging from makeup and hair sessions, photo shoots for footwear, table arrangements, bridal wear, and much more.

From modern to Victorian to French themes, this exclusive footage will also shed light on the inspiration behind table arrangements and the finesse that helps put them together. It will also introduce you to the masterminds behind each shot.