Best Makeup to Wear for Videos!

If you’re on camera, you can bet that people are watching you and sometimes only you. Therefore, you want to make sure you are wearing the right makeup to enhance your best features. Here are some great tips to highlight your beauty.

Powder: It’s really easy to notice if anyone is glistening or even shiny through the camera. Always use powder to help minimize your pores and reduce that shine. Try to stay away from SPF powders because it is going to make you look oilier.

Color: Cameras often make us look very washed out or even pale because colors sometimes do not show up well on camera. Women should do their best to avoid dark colors like red and purple as under tones because they can give you a very pale look. Stick to warm and natural colors because it helps your skin look fresher. Also, it’s extremely important to wear a foundation that matches your skin tone!

Concealer: This is going to be your best weapon to hiding those imperfections without “caking” on the makeup. Use concealer under your eyes to brighten them up, reduce redness, and hide acne. Concealers that have a gel-like texture do that little bit extra to avoid this caking affect.

Eyebrows: Defining your eyebrows provides a complete overall look that frames your face. Remember, cameras can really wash you out; eyebrow definition will create a frame to follow and focus on while helping to define expressive features.

Matte: It’s all about keeping your look classic for the camera. The one thing you want to stay away from is any shiny eye shadows because it will reflect the light. Sticking to all things matte will give a soft look and never look over done. The only time you should use something with shimmer is under your brown bone. This will highlight your features, but in a subtle way.

Lips: Try again to stick only to a matte lipstick and always use a lip liner. The liner is like defining your brows because it will define the shape of your mouth. Avoid any lipsticks that have that “frost” effect because it will make you look pale.

Contouring: The recent rave in makeup is how celebrity, Kim Kardashian, wears her makeup. She took contouring to a whole new level. Contouring helps define your features in an extremely flattering way. If you contour your face properly then it will highlight your cheeks, nose, and forehead areas. Typically, you should contour your face after applying foundation. Once you have contoured your face, always set it with translucent powder. If you do not know how to contour your face then check out YouTube. They have some great videos!

Tips: Since filming can take hours and can tend to wash you out, try to apply a heavier application than you normally do. However, do not go overboard with the makeup because it will not look flattering! Always start with less application and nothing too bold because you cannot undo too much makeup. Also, do not apply more makeup after you have set everything with translucent powder. In addition, drink lots of water because hydrated skin always looks beautiful. This even means to avoid drinking alcohol the night before!

There is the low down on how to look fabulous in front of the camera, but did I miss anything?!

I will be back soon!