Best Ways To Use Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Did you know about 45 million turkeys will be consumed around the country on November 22nd? The morning after Thanksgiving the same issue occurs…What should I do with all of these leftovers? Here are some great ways to make some yummy dishes with those leftovers!

New and Improved!

Turkey Squash Soup: This is a great soup to warm you up on a cold winter day. The best part is you just need to use that leftover turkey as your main ingredient.

The Moist Maker: That’s right I have figured out how to make the infamous “Moist Maker” from Friends! All you need to do is use the leftover stuffing and soak it in gravy for about 5-10 minutes. Then add this delicious moist maker to any regular old turkey sandwich!

Use and Create!

Mashed Potatoes: My absolute favorite way to use leftover mashed potatoes is to incorporate them in the filling potpies or even Shepherd’s pie! A close second would be forming them into little circles and make them into potato cakes for any time of the day!

Rolls: Any leftover rolls of bread can be frozen and used as croutons later!

Sweet Potato Pie: If you have leftover yams, then I got you covered! This recipe is so delicious, and I personally think it tastes even better than the yams alone!

Stuffed Mac and Cheese: This is one of my favorites! All you need to do is mix in old stuffing into freshly made mac and cheese! This decadent meal will satisfy your cravings and have you needing a true afternoon nap.

How do you use your leftovers?!

I will be back soon!