Considering a Destination Wedding?

Here is some advice to help a couple decide…

Lisa Light, founder and CEO of Destination Bride has outlined some of the common considerations concerning destination nweddings and suggests doing the following exercise as a couple:

• With destination weddings, the possibilities are endless. Does this give you a giddy “the world is our oyster!” feeling–or a daunting, overwhelmed feeling?

• A destination wedding promises a memorable experience. Either you don’t mind facing the unexpected, and “unforgettable” is just what you’re looking for . . . or you’d rather control every aspect of the experience rather than risk the “wrong kind” of “memorable”!

• Because of the travel factor, a destination wedding typically is more challenging to plan. You see the difficulties of planning as a fair price to pay for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Or, your focus is already beyond the wedding; you’d prefer a simple ceremony and less hassle.

With the pros and cons considered, and the guests on board, the answer to the question—Is a destination wedding really right for you?—may well be yes! “When you combine the allure of travel, a remarkable occasion, and an extraordinary cause for celebration,” she says, “the mix is rich with meaning, memories, and opportunities for bonding.”

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