Creative Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique!

It’s hard to make your wedding stand out and to avoid repeating the same old things. Everyone does the cookie cutter events, but here are some great ways to make your day not only fabulous, but also extremely original!

  1. Unique cocktails: Try to serve cocktails that serve a purpose or fit your theme. For example, if you are having a winter wonderland themed wedding, then try to serve frosted drinks. I have seen many couples even have dry ice within their drinks to tie together the whole “chilled” event.
  2. Handwritten notes: Try to put a note on your guests’ place cards to give a unique and personal touch. It’s just that extra step you can take that will mean the world to your guests
  3. Flip Books: Recently photobooths are the new rave, but we have something a bit different to offer! We can create a flip book for your guests! Check out this video for more details:
  4. Midnight snacks:  Who doesn’t get the munchies after dancing all night long?! Therefore, go smaller with the cake, but go big with the dessert bar! This way guests can have something delicious and sweet to munch on and have the energy to dance all night!
  5. Ceremony Beverages: Sometimes guests can get a bit exhausted for the activities that lie ahead. Therefore, try to offer beverages or even snacks during the ceremony! This way they can stay hydrated and energized.

What are some your secrets to make a wedding unique?!

I will be back soon!