DIY Costumes for Halloween!

I feel like every year I scramble to find a costume that is not only original, but cost effective. I mean, I guarantee that if you look right now for a costume you are going to easily spend around 100 bucks, if not more. Well, this year we have something special for you: a DIY Jellyfish costume that costs less than 50 bucks! I want to say thank you to my model, Liza, for helping me out on this one!

What you will need:

  • Clear umbrella
  • Scissors
  • White streamer
  • Sparkly string
  • Tape


  1. You will need to cut the white streamers and use them, along with the sparkly string, to cover all of the metal parts of the umbrella. For the first 8 tentacles, cut the white streamer into strips of various lengths. Tape the streamer to the inside and outside of the rim of the umbrella. The outside streamer length can be made to just cover the metal. However, make the inside strips long and vary their lengths so it looks more realistic!


2. When you are taping the streamer on the outside, place the sparkly string in between the umbrella and streamer. Therefore, sandwich the sparkly string between the top of the umbrella and white streamer.


3. Once you have attached all the tentacles you are done! Just throw on something that is all white and you are complete!  We even open and closed the umbrella to resemble the jellyfish is moving!


How fabulous is this?! Send us some of your DIY costumes!

I will be back soon! Happy Halloween!