Fall Themed H’orderves!

There is a variety of h’orderves that brides can choose from, but there are some must-haves to make it truly fall-themed. It’s all about using ingredients that are fresh of the season.

The Centerpiece:

Remember, a great appetizer can serve two purposes. One can be the obvious, as food, of course, but it can also stand as a unique centerpiece. We really loved this pumpkin shaped cheese mold, which is just perfect for this type of idea. It can even serve as a great conversation-starter for your guests. It’s a mix of white cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and goat cheese. You can just spread some of your favorite crackers around it with some veggies, like bell peppers.


Sweet potatoes, squash, and apples are extremely popular this season. Therefore, you can be sure that they will be at their freshest state. We have seen brides put some creative things on their menu for their guests like curried sweet potato apple soup in shot glasses

Comfort Food:

Fall is all about keeping the soul warm. A great way to stick with the season is to bring in those comfort foods as mini bite-size treats for your guests. We loved these mini grilled cheese and tomato shots.

Apple Cartwheels: These apples, which are filled with peanut butter, honey, chocolate chips, and raisins, are great finger foods mixed with just the right amount of decadence.

Statement Station:

Finally, we believe during any cocktail hour there should be a statement station. Some typical ones are cheese, fruit, or drinks’ stations. We recently saw this cheese cake display and fell in love! Your guests will love how big and bold this looks and not to mention, beautiful! We even suggest to brides that they add another section of fruits, nuts, and honey. We found this great recipe for glazed figs from Food Network. Just add these little beauties on skewers next to your cheese station to add that last touch of class.