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Music Industry Cracking Down on Wedding Videographers

By: Giselle Phelps

December 15, 2011

If you’re a bride in the market for a wedding video, listen up! Records labels are cracking down on videographers who use mainstream music without the rights. It means the chances of your wedding soundtrack including your favorite artists may be slim.

We spoke with a local expert in the Dallas wedding film industry. They say this has become a huge in the last six to eight months. They’re choosing to stay clear of popular music, because buying the rights to someone’s favorite song comes with a big price tag.

Rachel Verville and her husband Greg have been married just seven months. They couple still loves watching their wedding video.

Verville says she wanted just the right music to capture the big day.

“I didn`t want anything that would take over the video,” said Frisco resident Rachel Verville.

The couple chose to stay away from popular music, opting for licensed instrumentals; a move more brides have to make.

“It`s a very new territory, it`s intimidating, it`s scary,” said Hakimsons Films Managing Partner Shezad Manjee.

The partners at Hakimsons films in Dallas say the music industry has been cracking down on the use of unlicensed songs in wedding videos.

Earlier this year, a video of Cowboy’s quarterback Tony Romo’s wedding with a Coldplay soundtrack went viral.

The band’s label reportedly sued the Austin-based filmmaker.

“It`s not unusual for one of our films to get tens of thousands of views on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook,” said Manjee.

Manjee says that’s where the problem lies.

“When thousands of people are watching your film and you if don`t have the rights to the music that certainly puts you in a very troublesome spot,” he said.

Hakimsons films say they hire composers to produce original pieces and educated couples on the importance of using licensed songs.

“I can go online and search through thousands of songs and for under $100 d purchase music that I can use for streaming and syncing, full licenses,” said Manjee.

Even though Rachel and her hubby decided to play it safe, they say they couldn’t have been more satisfied.

“It was one of the happiest days of our lives and they can see the love between us,” said Verville.

The company that made the Romo wedding film reportedly settled with Coldplay’s record label.

Hakimsons Films say they want to avoid that kind of litigation all together.