Experience Romance | Hakim Sons Films Reel



When one thinks of a wedding, images of lifelong partnership and love or romance may come to mind. Weddings are so much more than just a ceremony and reception; they are the realization of love between two people who are committing to each other for a lifetime. Over the last 14 years, we’ve had the privilege to witness and document countless joyous celebrations, and our passion remains the same. For us, we create heartfelt stories that engage and entertain families today and for generations to come. Experience romance with a glimpse in to our most recent films.


We would like to thank our brides and grooms for allowing us to be part of their spectacular celebration, and making a lasting impression that is ever so apparent in our new studio reel!

Ashley & Chad

Tanya & Brandon

Katharine & Dan

Rylie & Mark

Dawn & Anthony

Kathy & Joe

Mikal & Chris

Bushra & Yusuf

Taya & Adam

Daniella & Aneal

Brittany & John

Hannah & Walker

Allison & Colin

Ashley & Jayson

Alexa & Steven

Heather & Tim