His Plus Her Fragrances!

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable events in your life. Did you know that smell is the strongest sense tied to memory? It’s so important to choose a fragrance or cologne that not only represents you, but something you want to relive your wedding day through. We created a video in the past that we truly love with Clive Christian and Neiman Marcus! The V line from Clive Christian created two fragrances for him and her. Each fragrance has their own hints of originality, but together they complement each other very well. How fabulous would it be to wear a perfume and cologne that complement one another on your wedding day?!

There is great history and heritage associated with these fragrances, and this was the second release from Clive Christian. V for women embraces accents of rose and jasmine, while the V for men features a great blend of spices and resins to bring out the deep woody quality of ingredients. Combined, they complement each other beautifully by mixing their unique scents to create one beautiful aroma.

How much would you love to accompany your fragrance with your partner’s?! This was a great video we were able to do because it was about keeping your own uniqueness, but still being able to combine fragrances to be one. New Partner. New Fragrance. New Life. How amazing does that sound?  However, if this isn’t something you are looking for, then here are some of our favorite fragrances and colognes for the big day!

For her:


For him:

Tell us some of your favorite fragrances and colognes!

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