How To Give a Flawless Speech

Nothing is worse than attending a wedding reception and listening to speeches that are either way too long or just plain bad. I cannot say how many weddings I have attended where the speeches were just terrible. It can be very hard to keep the audience engaged with your speech and still make it personal to the couple. However, I have some great tips here that may help you create that speech that people will not only remember, but love.

Keep it short: I cannot tell you how often it happens that speeches literally drag on and on. No one wants to listen to anyone for over 10 minutes. Try to give a personal story, but eliminate the details. Otherwise, you will lose the guests!

Be somewhat sober: It’s okay to have a drink or two to help ease those jitters, but nothing is worse than a best man speech gone raunchy or a non-stop crying bridesmaid.

Practice: Practice your speech! I cannot convey enough how much it helps to have even one run through. It will help organize your thoughts and create a good flow.

Personable, but relatable: Do not go into so many details with your speech that it becomes hard for your audience to relate. Going back to keeping it short and sweet.

How do you prep for a speech?! Tell us your tips and tricks for a fabulous speech!

I will be back soon!