You’re running a million errands, finding the right venue, the right dress, the right flowers. The big day seems closer and the work never ending. Once the cake is cut, the first dance done and the guests gone, one thing will remain: how you felt on your wedding day. That is something you will never forget, and is what your film should showcase. When others see your film, they shouldn’t simply see the wedding, they should feel the experience.

Each masterpiece we produce is customized to suit our client’s unique story. Our prices vary according to the logistics of the wedding, size-scope of the event and final product envisioned by you. Years later, when you look back on your day, you should feel the way you felt on the day that changed your life. Feel the joy, the giddiness, and the splendor all over again, every time you watch your Hakim Sons’ original creation. Our commissionings start at $5,000.