Katie & Alan | Dallas Wedding Film


With more than a decade in the industry, we’ve filmed more wedding celebrations than we care to count. Having filmed Indian, Nigerian and American weddings, we can honestly say there is one thing that connects each together. That is love. Simply put, the love that is shared crosses all borders, beliefs and traditions. Filming your wedding celebration allows you to have a time capsule of that love. You can play it back each and every day and your special day all over again.

In an article by Huffington Post Weddings, Maram Canawati Nassar details the importance of filming your wedding celebration. In the blog entitled “Five Must-Have Reasons to Hire a Videographer For Your Wedding,” she goes in-depth about reliving your wedding day through video. “We all know there’s a ton of questions and tedious research when planning your wedding—especially at the beginning. One of the most underrated and underused vendors is the videographer,” Nassar says. “Trust me…the results of your wedding day footage that you’re left with are priceless…and is worth every penny.”

For Katie & Alan, their wedding was all about family and the love between the two of them. It was crystal clear that the couple would want a wedding film that stands the test of time. Katie and Alan’s wedding celebration was a pure joy to film and experience. From the rehearsal dinner at La Florentina and the ceremony at Christ the King Catholic Church to the reception at Arlington Hall, these newlyweds had a celebration to remember. Katie and Alan are both big on family, and as such, various members of their families stood beside the two as they exchanged their vows. In honor of her father, Katie walked down the aisle to Ave Maria, a moment that without question moved guests to tears. The regal Arlington Hall provided an upscale backdrop for their reception, and guests filled the majestic venue in Lee Park to party with the bride and groom. All in all, it was a night to remember, and thankfully for Katie and Alan they can relieve it every day with their wedding film.



There are countless reasons to hire a filmmaker to document your wedding, but we’ve included just a few to whet your whistle:


All Eyes on You
Who said celebrities get to have all the fun? Filming your wedding casts the spotlight on you and your fiancé. The entire film is a documentation of your love for each other and a celebration of your nuptials.

The Beat Goes On
All of our wedding films include music that is appropriate for each scene. You have the option to suggest certain songs or artists be included in your wedding film. If you don’t have a song in mind, our team will find the perfect soundtrack for your wedding film.

Seen and Unseen
Our talented filmmakers make it a point to capture those moments that you may not get to see. From bridal prep to a toast between the groom and his groomsmen, we work to document those precious moments.

Interesting and funny things happen behind-the-scenes at every wedding, and yours will have its fair share of moments to relive. Our editors will include some of this raw footage as a bonus feature in your wedding film.

Family Matters
Ultimately, your wedding film is a great opportunity to cherish memories with your loved ones. Your wedding day will come and go, but your wedding film will always be a constant reminder of the love that was expressed by your family and friends.