Lighting Is Everything!

When you are planning a wedding, it seems that every little detail is very important. However, when you are planning your reception décor and ambiance, well, lighting is everything. Lighting can make or break your whole reception décor!  Here are some great steps to make sure everything comes together smoothly and beautifully.

  1. Venue: Do not even inquire about your reception décor without your venue! It’s almost a waste of time to plan everything you want without the dimensions of the room and floor plan.
  2. Theme: Once you have booked your venue, then choose the theme of lighting you would like to have. For example, you can have a romantic, intimate, bold, or bright theme. Each theme will require different kinds of lighting.
  3. Pictures: If there are reception décor you love, then it’s best to bring pictures of those things to the lighting company. It’s the easiest way to show what you love through pictures and not words. Check out our Pinterest board for more inspirations.
  4. Ask: Once you have decided on a theme and the company you are going to use, that you should always ask about the number of lights they are going to provide you with within that proposal. This can vary between each company and you want to make sure you are getting enough bang for your buck. Whatever number is decided, make sure it’s in the contract.
  5. Electric company: You want to make sure that whatever electric company they use is reliable; otherwise you may have no light during your event!

It’s very important to do your homework for your wedding vendors. It will help make sure you are secure and get the wedding reception you have always dreamt about.

I will be back soon!