Make The Next Date A Memorable One!

Make your next time out on the town something fun and affordable! I do not know about you, but I swear life is speeding by, and I am lucky if I even have time to eat. I am sure that you are just as guilty as I am for not making time for yourself and your loved ones. Therefore, I have created a great list of apps and places to help you to not only make time for yourself and your partner, but to even make it affordable!

Let me ask you a question: when was the last time you made some time for  a real date night? I am embarrassed to even say. Regardless, we all know it’s so important to make some “me” or rather “we” time.

I want to start off with some great apps to help improve your date night experience!

Scoutmob App: I absolutely love this App! This app essentially finds your location and lets you know the restaurants that participate with Scoutmob. I have saved quite a bit from this app and have discovered some great local businesses!

UrbanDaddy App: Here is another great app that helps those of you who are extremely indecisive. It will again pick up your location and find a place to take your date or loved one to, including some of the best bars, restaurants, and events happening that night!

Nifty Date Ideas App: Whether it’s your first date or you basically have run out of ideas on what to do, then this app will be your new best friend. This app is filled with creative and fun ideas on what to do for your next outing. The app even has a Video Scavenger Hunt activity!! Nifty Date Ideas is just a great app if you want to mix it up and not do the typical dinner and movie.

1800 Flowers App: Personally, I feel flowers are one of the easiest and simplest ways to say I love you or I am thinking about you, but only when you remember right?! I personally always have a thousand things on my mind and always am on the go. This app is so perfect because with a push of button you can make your mark with an arrangement of flowers with very little effort. This app lets you choose from a variety of flowers and arrangements for any budget and event.

Places and Events: Here are just some things going on locally in Dallasto help spice up the next night out!

Dallas Arboretum: Chihuly Exhibit

If you have not visited the Chihuly Exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum, then this is something you must do before the exhibit is gone! Dale Chihuly is a renowned artist for his Venini Glass Sculptures. Words cannot describe how beautiful this exhibit is. Dale Chihuly’s pieces have been around the world  in places including Naples, Honolulu, LA, and now Dallas. All of these pieces are shipped individually to the museum they will be exhibited in.  Not to mention, I hear the exhibit is breathtaking at night. It’s something that is extremely different to do for a date night. Also, at the Dallasarboretum you can eat at the café and then stroll through the garden to see these pieces illuminated. Finally, if you visit the garden from Tuesday to Thursday from 6PM -10PM you can enjoy “Concerts at the Arboretum”. How fabulous does this sound?

Scardello Artisan Cheese Shop: This little quaint cheese shop is located in Dallas on Oaklawn Ave. The moment you walk in, it feels like you have traveled into a little Chevre Shop in Paris. The staff is exceptional at explaining what cheeses will fit your pallet and pair it with a great wine, beer, or champagne. On the first Friday of every month Scardello offers a “late night”. They offer their usual services, but with a jazz band! It’s a great way to get away from all those stresses and have a mini getaway with your partner.

Chocolate Secrets: Here is a precious chocolate bar in Dallas,Texas! The moment you walk in your nose will be filled with  the aromas of sugar, butter, and of course, chocolate. They probably have every possible sweet tooth to crush. It’s the perfect little place to take your sweetheart because not only can you dine on some great delectables, but you can even listen to live jazz. It’s a great atmosphere to have an intimate night with your partner or to meet some new friends. This place is always filled with wonderful people from around the city. I highly suggest this if you not only want to get out, but also if you want a great place to start or end the night with!

These are just some of the fabulous  things you can do on your next date night!

Have I missed anything? Please, share some of your favorite spots in Dallas!

I will be back soon!