Our First Ever Cruise Wedding…

The sky was covered in clouds, barely revealing the beautiful blue background that lay underneath. The birds chirped away, and the sun glistened over the water. The priest was chanting in the background as Pramel listened closely for the sound of the gong, which would allow for the curtain to fall, and when he would finally see his beautiful bride. “Bang, bang, bang,” and the curtain fell. They smiled big, both looking into each other’s eyes, happiness overtaking the moment, while their parents were overwhelmed with feelings of pride and love. The air was perfect in Cozumel, Mexico that day, and we were so delighted to have been there to capture the union of Amita and Pramel on film.

Pramel, Amita, and their families opened their arms to us as we joined them for a 5-day cruise celebration. We were especially excited because this was our very first cruise wedding! This cinematic trailer portrays the love our couple shares for each other. All in all, this was a memorable 5-day party and celebration, where everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves during each and every moment.

Other Vendors That Made This Possible:
Cruise Line: Carnival
Photography: Lynette Johnson
Entertainment: DJ Paras Khara & Dhol – Prince Sharma
Hair & Make-up: Blush and Glow
Decor: Prashe