Real Wedding Advice from a bride

The thought of walking down an aisle in front of so many people wearing heals seems a bit daunting. What if I trip over my dress? Is my hair tucked right? And the possibilities are never-ending. Don’t wait until your final wedding video to gauge your satisfaction. Your wedding is the culmination of a lifelong journey, so take a step back and capture the big picture before the day ends.

I came across this blog post in BridalBuzz by DMagazine today and hope it will be useful as you plan your big day.

“Wedding Advice: Don’t Let The Details Get You Down

Thanks to Marissa Benners for today’s wedding wisdom:

‘I wish I had not spent so much time obsessing over all of the little details during the planning process. Everything really will fall into place, especially if you choose the right vendors. Enjoy the experience and don’t let the stress wear you out. And finally, live in the moment and soak it all in because after spending so many months, and even years planning, it all goes by in the blink of an eye.’