Rosey + Hasnain | Destination Wedding Testimonial


Rosey + Hasnain | Destination Wedding Testimonial

Dearest Shezad and the entire Hakim Sons Films Team,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have produced our most cherished memories of our beautiful destination wedding, and were able to portray our love and what we felt in our hearts in the absolutely amazing wedding video. When planning our wedding, we knew instantly that HakimSonsFilms was going to be our most important decision for us, and it turned out to be our BEST one. We believe that weddings last a few days, but marriage, love, and our memories are forever. No one remembers what centerpiece you chose, or what color you wore, or what song was played, but people always remember the good times, the laughter, the wonderful memories, and most importantly the love. Our wedding video shows exactly that and more. The video is breathtaking, and we cannot stop watching it everyday. Yup, we seriously watch it everyday! Each day, we wake up watching our highlights and our relationship has become stronger, happier, and filled with love. As people have football game watch parties, we are now having our wedding video watch parties, and everyone that sees our video falls in love. This video has brought so many smiles to us, our families, our friends, and many more people. We can’t wait to watch our film with all of our family, and inshallah (god willing) our future family too! I’ve seen many wedding videos, but they do NOT compare to the work your team does. Thank you for making us feel comfortable, thank you for making us look stunning, and thank you for encompassing our love in such a cinematic way. We seriously felt like movie stars after watching our short debut into the movie world. We wish you and the entire team a lifetime of more smiles, success, and serenity! Thank you again, and trust us, we are two of your biggest fans!

Love Always,

Hasnain & Rosey Jinnah