Relive Your Wedding…Instantly!


Your wedding was perfect. Your guests are raving about how beautiful you look in your dress. And your first dance as husband and wife is nothing short of a fairy tale. The best part is that our team was there to capture those special moments, both big and small. What’s more, you have asked our team to complete a same day edit of your wedding celebration. That means you can relive the precious memories from your wedding shortly thereafter. We pride ourselves on producing high quality films with unwavering customer service. We apply the same amount of dedication and care to a same day edit as we do any other project.

The benefits of a same day edit are endless, but we’ve outlined a few below:


Share Your Wedding Films Instantly
Why wait weeks to share your wedding film? A same day edit allows you to share your wedding film hours after your wedding. Share it at the after party or even the next day at brunch with your family.

Share Your Wedding Film Online
Social media websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest are great ways to share your wedding film with others. Upload your wedding film online and share the link with friends and family alike. Our videos are all produced with the various ways our clients might share them in mind.

Share Your Wedding Film at Multiple Ceremonies
Often our clients have multiple ceremonies in various locations to accommodate their guests who are unable to travel or attend the main ceremony. If your guests are unable to attend your wedding, a same day edit is the perfect way for them to experience the romance and be a part of your celebration.


We completed a same day edit for newlyweds Dawn & Anthony. The wedding was full of elegance, spectacle, fantasy and love. Our editors were on-site at the Omni Dallas Hotel to tell Dawn & Anthony’s unique wedding story. This same day edit is one of our favorites because it features the jib camera, which gave Dawn & Anthony’s wedding film the Hollywood touch. The same day edit was perfect for the couple, as they wanted to share their wedding film with their friends and family shortly after their ceremony. We are proud of the finished product and are happy to know that Dawn & Anthony feel the same way. “We love this same day edit! It was truly a great idea! Thank you for encouraging us to do it! We watch it several times a day, and we can’t wait to see the whole thing! You and your staff were wonderful to work with, and you guys did an amazing job!!!” Making clients like Dawn & Anthony happy certainly warms our hearts and reminds us why we do what we do.

Fall in love with Dawn & Anthony’s wedding film below, and see why they can’t stop watching it: