Sharmila + Jasim – Concept film and Instant Edit

Hey everyone! I am Daiana. I am an editor at Hakim Sons Films and your guest blogger for the day!

This past weekend was monumental for the team here at Hakim Sons Films and for our lovely couple, Sharmila and Jasim.

We showed a same day edit/concept film at Sharmila and Jasim’s wedding. I wish I could explain the rush I felt on Saturday! It is such an amazing feeling when you see, projected on a big screen, exactly what you saw in your mind.

It then becomes an even greater feeling when you look at the audience and everyone is in love with your video as much as you are. Between my rookie directing, pre-production, and color, Paul’s editing and amazing “After Effects” skills, Andrew, AJ, and Shezad’s amazing shooting and leadership skills, and my husbands perfect storyboard — we pulled off a product that makes me feel proud. I could not be part of a better team.

Even though the weekend was memorable for the team at Hakim Sons Films, let’s not forget our couple who entrusted us with the responsibility for making their wedding celebrations so special!

Sharmila and Jasim were a delight to share this moment with. They were patient during the entire shoot, and they were just as excited as we were during the concept reveal!

Here is what Sharmila had to say about the Concept and Same Day Edit:

“The concept was featured as a prelude to our entrance, and everyone’s reaction was phenomenal! Each and every person who watched the film was awed and moved. There were tears, laughter and heartfelt congratulations on an amazing masterpiece. Jasim and I were asked if we took acting lessons for our film, and our response was simple. Our filmmakers made us look like movie stars. Many thanks to Shezad and the Hakim Sons team for allowing our vision to come to life! ”

On behalf of myself and the whole Hakim Sons Films, I would like to thank Sharmila and Jasim for trusting us every step of the way, and for allowing us to be a part of their wedding!