Taya + Adam | Destination Wedding Testimonial


Taya and Adam Destination Wedding


Shezad and Team:

Typically I’m faster to send a thank you, and one in a card versus an email, but with our upcoming travels upon us, Adam and I have to forgo our conventional manners of proper thank yous in favor of email. Even though this is an email, I trust the heartfelt sentiment and sincerity will come through as strongly as we feel them.

From the day I viewed the Procter’s video three times in one night, I knew that Hakim Sons Films would be our videographer. If it meant I’d have to reduce my dress budget or remove other items from our expense list, it was to happen. Your ability to tell a story through cinematography is among the likes of Oscar winning directors. I have watched every video on your website, have fallen in love with each of the couples, and most importantly, felt as though I was a guest at each of their weddings.

It’s the fact that your professionalism is on the same level of your creative genius that makes you a firm that any bride would be remiss to pass over. From the very moment we officially booked you, I knew that minimally, we would walk away from our wedding knowing that we at least had a quality capture of the day’s events.

Thank you for caring about the lighting of our wedding. Thank you for sharing your professional opinion. So many people are afraid to tell the bride something is not going to work as she had originally envisioned or planned. You were right, the lighting made ALL the difference and was well worth the schedule change.

The gear was impressive but we loved that it wasn’t in the way of us having fun, nor was it a distraction. We appreciate you putting our preferences first, even if it wasn’t ideal for the camera (the speeches in more dim lighting). Adam was not on board with the general idea of having videographers capture our big day. He’s more of a photography kind of guy. In my opinion, it’s the utmost compliment to you that even he walked away saying, “Good call on Shezad. How long before we get to see the video?” He confessed later that he was worried the cameras would be in our faces and in the way. We didn’t even know you were there once the ceremony began.

We wish all the success to you and your team as you continue to master your craft and bring joy to so many brides on their special day. We are off to Antarctica until March 10th and after that, email will be the most effective way to reach us. We’d love to leave you as many positive reviews as you’d like on the sites you prefer. Also, as excited as we are to view the footage, please know we understand quality takes time. So no rush.

Let us know if you need anything from us.

Lots of love to you and your team.

Taya and Adam