The Big Trend: Statement Stations!

This year is already starting with big trends in the wedding market! If you have not taken a look at our last blog post about 2013 wedding  trends, then make sure you do!  One of the biggest trends for this year that we really want to focus on is “statement stations”.

We always tell our brides to start with the basics and work your way down on that “to do” list. Therefore, always start with the budget, then venue, décor, theme, lighting, centerpieces, and originality. It’s important to be original with your wedding and of course, to stay within your budget. Statement stations have been extremely popular since last year, and it seems like they are going to be even bigger this year. Statement stations are exactly what they sound like. They are meant to be a part of your décor, but also to take your wedding guests around the ballroom. Most statement stations are edible or have some type of activity for your guests. They are a great way to add something unique to your event and can be quite affordable since you can make them as customized as you want!

The best kind of foods to work with are ones that you can dye. For example, we love these popcorn stations because you can see that each and every one of these stations was customized according to the theme. Another great one we have seen is cotton candy stations!

Now of course we have seen the infamous dessert station, but you cannot go wrong here! It helps feed your guests who have that sweet tooth or just want something more than cake! We also have seen brides incorporate an espresso or coffee bar with their dessert bars!

We have seen so many stations from carvings, to Asian-themed, to Mexican-themed, to pasta, and even to mac and cheese! The possibilities are truly endless! How delicious does that sound?!

Share some of the favorite statement stations you’ve seen or have done or plan to do at your own wedding on our Facebook fan page!

Finally, we filmed Tejal and Shaurin who had a great statement station!