The Perfect Holiday Proposal!


Who does not love this time of the year? December truly reminds me of family coming together, the holidays, and not to mention, love. We have found a variety of holiday proposals that add the cherry on top during this festive season. I have geared all of these scenarios to different personalities, so pick the one that fits you the best.

For The Child in You:

Dress up as Santa-This can be done with a group of friends. Try to get some of her cousins or those of a younger age that need to make a visit to see Santa. Let the children make their wishes, and then have her sit in your lap! This is a great way to incorporate the holiday into your proposal!

The Creative One:

25 Days of Giving- Create a retail calendar of memorable gifts that remind you of her. Have her unwrap each gift one day at time and save the best for last on the day of Christmas!

The Animal Lover:

This is a great way to incorporate your or her pet within the proposal! Dress up your cat or dog as a reindeer, Santa Claus, Elf, or even in an tacky Christmas sweater. Have the ring attached to something tied around the pet’s neck, and have them either wake her up or just approach her after a long day’s work. Once the dog or cat approaches her, then get down on one knee once she sees the ring!

The Memorable One:

Want a grand proposal this year? Then have your romantic speech ready right before the countdown and when everyone is puckering up for their midnight kiss; then pop the question! It will be a party she will never forget!

Flip Book:

We offer a picture flipbook at events, and this would be a great way to capture the moment! We shot this video for Christmas in July and you can see how the flipbook works in action! If your loved one is someone who wants to have family and friends around, then this would be a great excuse to throw a fabulous party. During the party, ask her to do something fun with you in this flipbook station. Then all you need to do is pop the question, and you will have the whole moment captured!