The Wedding Book by Mindy Weiss

You’re engaged, and now it’s time to turn your dream wedding into a reality.

But where do you start?

The guest list? The venue reservation? Or the invitations?

Recently, I came across a book that caters to future brides and grooms. Written by ace wedding planner Mindy Weiss, The Wedding Book is a collection of tips on how to announce the engagement, what to do when someone isn’t happy about the news, creating a budget, drawing up the guest list; planning the ceremony (and how to personalize your vows), dress and tuxedo shopping, and even strategies for the rehearsal dinner.

Here are some of Mindy’s top tips:

1. You should walk around the tables at the reception and try to say hello to the guests. When everyone is seated, take a bite of food and then set out to greet your guests.

“It is exhausting and wipes out a lot of my couples,” Weiss says, “and standing in one place for an hour ruins your feet for the rest of the night.”

2. Don’t forget to thank your parents sometime during the reception.

3. If you know it’s someone’s birthday or special anniversary on the day of your wedding, acknowledge it.

4. Try not to be separated from your new spouse during the evening. Nothing is worse than to have to hunt down the bride or groom when a speech starts.

5. It’s always nice to write your groom a note before you walk down the aisle. You can have a friend deliver it on the wedding day.

(some of our couples like to integrate this letter into their wedding video. Here’s an example: Anita & Ajesh)

6. Don’t forget that you need to eat during the day. Also, feed your wedding party if they are hanging with you. If the makeup artist and hair dresser are with you all day, it is nice to offer them lunch too.

7. My favorite party favor is a donation in the guests’ names to your favorite charity. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

8. If one of your parents has a favorite song, it is nice to dedicate that song to your mother or father during the evening.