Three F’s of Wedding Planning…

Photo courtesy of Greg Blomberg Weddings

You knelt down, popped out that stunning ring, and asked a question.

Teary-eyed, she responded with a “yes”.

But it doesn’t end there. Now it’s time to plan your wedding.

The big day is not too far, and the options seem never-ending.

What will the bride’s mom wear? What color will the cake be? What song will play in the background when the couple enters the hall?

But before you get caught up in all the detail, decide on a theme first. This will help narrow down your choices. Here are some wedding planning basics you should consider:

1)   Food: According to an old Spanish proverb, “a full stomach makes way to a happy heart.” Your guests have taken out time to celebrate your big day, and you have to ensure they’re having a good time. Decide on a menu that will cater to your guests, keeping in mind their eating habits. Be sure to consider all religious and dietary restrictions as well.

2)   Flowers: Flowers come in all sizes, colors, and arrangements. They are colorful, spunk, and they add spark to your wedding décor. These are important to arrange for well in advance so as to incorporate preferences of both the bride and groom as well as the theme of the wedding. Pick a local florist to ensure freshness and a good price quote.

3)   Film: Your wedding marks a significant milestone in your life. With all the attention turned to you and your special someone, you may not be able to soak in every detail: the roses, the eloquent flower arrangements, the lighting, and even your mom’s teary eyes. Though these moments will never physically return, they can be preserved by a camera lens as a memento. Whether you settle on traditional or modern cinematic film styles, hire early to ensure availability and quality that holds true to your expectations.