Get the Party Started | Todd Events “Metamorphosis” Anniversary Film



Here in North Texas, we’re extremely blessed to have some of the nation’s best wedding professionals living and working in the area. One man in particular has become one of the top 35 planners in the country in just 10 short years. Yes, we’re talking about Todd Fiscus, the namesake behind the award-winning brand Todd Events. Friends and clients joined Todd to celebrate 10 years of Todd Events in a lavish party hosted at the estate of Cindy and Howard Rachofsky underneath a 90-foot diameter, seven thousand square foot geodesic dome tent. Guests enjoyed bubbly Veuve Clicquot, delectable hors d’oeuvres and spectacular musical performances. But, perhaps, one of the defining moments of the celebration came during the premiere of an anniversary film our team produced. Even the Dallas Morning News commented on the party’s importance and the premiere of the film. “But the grand finale will be a party inside the dome at the Rachofskys’…But unlike the parties he did for them, Wednesday’s will feature Fiscus’ exclusive vision, a chance for him to let himself go creatively,” said Alan Peppard. “To that end, he will screen a short film he has created for the occasion called Metamorphosis.”

“Metamorphosis” was a visual representation of Todd Events’ past, present and future. Commissioned by Todd himself, he had a strong vision and distinct eye for what he wanted the film to look like and how it should feel. The theme borrowed inspiration from the journey that a caterpillar embarks upon to become a butterfly, specifically the metamorphosis that occurs. The film is bookended by the start and end of the metamorphosis, and the middle of the piece showcases the journey to becoming a butterfly. In context, the film opens with Todd covered in goo reminiscent of a caterpillar, and by the end, Todd has transformed into a tuxedo and completed the metamorphosis. We know that Todd is one of the many treasures we have here in Dallas, and this video further illustrates why he is simply the best.

Metamorphosis & Motion Graphics | Todd Events "Metamorphosis" Motion Graphics Film

“Metamorphosis” Storyboards & Corresponding Shots