Unveiled and Sylvia Weinstock

This past Sunday, our team was at the Hilton Anatole for Unveiled— The  Ultimate Wedding Planning Event. The Wedding Guys, Matthew Trettel and  Bruce Vassar, have again pulled off another successful show featuring some  of the latest trends in all thing wedding. For the second year, Hakim Sons  Films was a sponsor and the official filmmaker for the event, but this year  was particularly special because we had the opportunity to meet Sylvia  Weinstock!

Sylvia Weinstock is known as the Leonardo da Vinci of wedding cakes. She  has been creating the most creative and exquisite wedding cakes for over 30 years, many for celebrity clientele. If there is one word to describe Sylvia, it would be inspiring! Mrs. Weinstock has been married for over 60 years and has so much wisdom to share with married couples and soon-to-be married couples alike. She is an energetic, entertaining and gracious woman who advises all brides to enjoy the celebration of their wedding and not to get caught up in competition or comparison. When I finally had a chance to speak with her one on one, Sylvia was kind enough to invite me to have lunch with her in New York! I was absolutely thrilled with the gesture and can only hope our paths will cross again soon. Overall, this year’s Unveiled had to be the best ever!