Vendor Spotlight – Luke Edmonson of Edmonson Weddings

He has stepped over conveyor belts. He has visited some of the oldest churches in America. And he has even been strapped into a harness above an oil well. Although Luke Edmonson is no stunt man, he has repeatedly crossed the line, all for the sake of his photography.

Photography is to the Edmonsons as videography is to Hakim Sons in that it is a business that runs in the family.

Luke began working on commercial photography with his father in 2001 when he returned from film school, but the idea to focus on weddings came a couple years later.

“I went to my dad and said, ‘Dad, we’re not doing what I hoped we would do when I said we wanted to be photographers together,’” Luke said.

David Edmonson looked at his son, bewildered.

“I turned to him and said, ‘Well, what about weddings,’” Luke added.

And so in 2003, the father-son duo turned to wedding photography. Since then, Edmonson Weddings has been part of over 900 weddings.

Something that is important to us as photographers is how the couple will tell their story to their future daughter or son, Luke said.

“That is what we focus on,” he added.

Luke and David Edmonson are delightful to work with. They are easy-going, but very serious about their work.

The relationship between Edmonson Weddings and Hakim Sons Films is very special to us. It is a bond of trust and friendship. We filmed Luke’s wedding and Luke’s father, David was the photographer at Shezad’s wedding!

Photography is truly what Edmonson Weddings does best, and their team’s talent can be seen in every image they capture.