Vendor of the Month: Bella Flora


Being in the wedding business, we inevitably cross paths with wedding vendors. From bakeries and live bands to floral artists and luxury car rentals, our films truly showcase the collaborative effort it takes to pull of a wedding. As such, we want to lift the veil and spotlight one vendor each month. This month we’ve chosen Bella Flora, a design studio specializing in creating luxury weddings, corporate and social events.

Julian Leaver

Julian Leaver

Our Relationship Manager Shannon chatted with Julian Leaver, Director of Weddings & Events at Bella Flora. Here’s what Julian had to say about this full-service event décor and design studio.


Shannon Jenkins: We know you have more than 10 years experience in the events industry and are a Certified Wedding Planner. How has your expertise served you at Bella Flora?
Julian Leaver: As Director of Weddings I assist in overseeing the wedding planning division of Bella Flora as well as handle our networking and industry interactions. In addition, I also coordinate all of our social media from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook. And I plan about 20 weddings a year as well.


SJ: Wow, you are one busy man. Tell me more about how you got your start in the industry.
JL: I started my career in events at university. I attended the University of Oklahoma in Norman, and I started a business with a friend planning sorority parties. Sororities merged into weddings and corporate events, and here I am 12 years later still planning away!


SJ: I love the fact that you started when you were younger. What advice would you give to wedding planners trying to break into this market?
JL: Try everything! Gather as much experience as possible. If you have a chance to work at a venue or a hotel try it! Work for a florist. Spend some time working for a caterer. Knowledge of the way every piece of an event works is truly invaluable as a wedding planner and you will be amazed by the results!


SJ: Great advice! Your passion for event planning definitely shines brightly. What does being a designer and planner mean to you?
JL: Being a designer and planner means I get to interact with a client and their family at a very unique and special time in their lives. It is so meaningful to get to watch an event come to life over a year or six months and to see a family come together to be one! I also get to work with very beautiful elements and some of the best vendors every day, which is a huge honor!


SJ: Let’s switch gears slightly. As you know, our brides keep a pulse on what’s trending in the wedding world. What trends are you seeing for Spring/Summer 2013?
JL: We are seeing a nice trend towards fun colors for Spring/Summer 2013. Lots of deep pinks and oranges, along with your standard cream all coming together in ways that I haven’t seen before and brides are getting very excited about the variations. Brides are not afraid of using bold color, which is really refreshing!


SJ: What do you want brides to know about Bella Flora?
JL: Bella Flora can be your one stop shop for everything wedding! We provide wedding planning, floral décor, linens, rental items, lighting and specialty furniture. If you can dream it we can help you make it come to life.


SJ: This has been fantastic! I have just one more question for you, and I think I know the answer. What is your favorite part of your job?
JL: The wedding day! There is nothing as high as waking up in the morning of a wedding and watching the production that you have helped orchestrate come to life.


We want to send a special thank you to Julian and Bella Flora for giving us a glimpse into their award winning company. Be sure to check out Bella Flora online as well as on Facebook and Twitter.