Vendor of the Month: Sarah Kate Photography


Being in the wedding business, we are lucky enough to cross paths with top wedding vendors in the industry. From bakeries and live bands to floral artists and luxury car rentals, our films truly showcase the collaborative effort it takes to pull off a spectacular wedding. As such, we want to lift the veil and spotlight one vendor each month. This month we’ve chosen Sarah Kate Photography. Sarah Kate has the amazing ability to capture the beauty, romance and joy of each couple through her pictures and we have the privilege of collaborating with her on a regular basis.

Vendor of the Month: Sarah Kate Photography

Sarah Kate

Our Relationship Manager Shannon chatted with Sarah Kate, owner and photographer of Sarah Kate Photography. Here’s what Sarah Kate had to say about her experience in the industry and shooting weddings in Dallas and beyond.


Shannon Jenkins: How did you get your start in the industry?
Sarah Kate: I worked for a photographer all through college where I learned Photoshop and the basics of running a business. After I graduated with a public relations and marketing degree, I decided that if there ever was a time to follow my dream, I should do it and not wait!


SJ: How were you able to break into the Dallas market?
SK: I moved to Dallas and worked as an assistant for another photographer for a while. This allowed me to shoot in all the best locations and meet all the great folks in the Dallas wedding industry. I started my own company about 5 years ago.


SJ: What can you tell photographers breaking into this market?
SK: The best thing I ever did was to assist for other photographers. You have to pay your dues sometimes and start at the bottom. It’s like any other job. Also, shoot constantly. Shoot your friends, shoot your vacations, shoot your food! You have to know how to do it all if you want to shoot a well-rounded wedding.


SJ: What is your favorite part of your job?
SK: I have a couple favorite aspects of my job. One of the fortunes that I have been granted is travel. I love to travel and photography has taken me all over the world: Africa, Costa Rica, Italy, France, Jamaica, Argentina, Canada, and Mexico to name a few. I love to experience new cultures and get to know new people!


SJ: What do you want brides to know about Sarah Kate Photography?
SK: My other favorite aspect of being a wedding photographer is the end result of all my hard work. There is nothing more rewarding than to see how much a couple loves and appreciates beautiful images that take them back to the day as if it had only happened yesterday. It is truly an honor to be in my shoes!


We love the beautiful wedding photography that Sarah Kate produces, and so do our clients. Be sure to visit Sarah Kate Photography online and browse the breathtaking photos.