Vendor Spotlight – Ruby Bhandari from Silk Threads


The runway was assembled, the models were ready, and the guests were on their way; but Ruby Bhandari’s fashion show was missing a key component: her designs.

The massive ash cloud in Europe was about to become a “showstopper” on Ruby’s runway – literally. Her cousin, who was responsible for personally delivering designs from India, was stuck in the midst of flight delays following the Icelandic volcano eruption. With airport hubs closed in Europe and her designs stuck in transit, Ruby and her team were frantic.

This time, though, the show did go on. Ruby’s cousin rushed into the venue just hours before the big show with all of the designs in his suitcases. Talk about saving the day!

Reflecting back on the experience, Ruby described it as “blood, sweat, tears, laughter then joy.”

Ruby Bhandari, the President of Silk Threads, has been in the fashion industry for years. Her story is one of dedication, talent, and vision. This month, we would like to feature Ruby and her inspiring journey.

In college Ruby worked part-time at JCPenny, but she did much more than just assist customers – she taught them how to dress.

Ruby’s passion for fashion went beyond just sales, though. She wanted to be a designer. Opportunity came knocking when her college sweatheart, Raj, proposed for marriage. Shortly thereafter, Ruby left for India to design her own wedding trousseau. Her first set of designs quickly became popular, and requests for garments came pouring in.

Now, 20 years later, Ruby dresses clients with designs from her own clothing lines, Silk Threads and The Socialist, her latest venture.

Ruby Bhandari’s work reflects her Indian heritage and her Western sensibility. Silk Threads features two in-house designers and serves the fashion needs of the Indian and Pakistani community, while The Socialist offers a fusion of Eastern and Western styles.

Ruby has worked with numerous brides to design their wedding trousseaus and treats every client like family. Her down-to-earth personality is truly an inspiration for us here at Hakim Sons Films!

Ruby is also a firm believer in giving back to the community. She regularly hosts fashion shows, the proceeds of which benefit nonprofit organizations.

In fact, we had the honor of capturing an exclusive Silk Threads fashion show just last year, the proceeds of which benefited the American Cancer Society. Take a look at the film from the event.


What inspires Ruby, you ask?

While Ruby’s business mind is influenced by her mother’s confident and compassion personality, her designs are influenced by gardens.

“Combinations presented in a flower show designs that can be put together in clothing,” Ruby says.

Our friends at Silk Threads are visionaries in the world of creativity and fashion. We at Hakim Sons Films are so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Ruby and her team. We hope to cultivate this friendship for years to come!