Wedding Toasts: How to keep them in your Memories Forever!


We have heard from so many brides how their wedding day not only flew by, but almost felt like a big blur. Weddings can be extremely overwhelming and take a lot out of the bride and groom. Therefore, we always stress the importance of capturing your wedding memories permanently through photos and videos.

While every bride knows to have their most precious moments captured through photography on their big day, sometimes they end up skipping over videography of the wedding. There are a variety of reasons that we have heard why brides have not included video as part of their big day, but we have three main reasons why you should allocate a budget for video.

Video adds depth: The key here is for your vendors to work in harmony. It’s extremely important for the photographer and videographer to work together to make sure they have captured everything so you can relive any moment in time of this day. With the right combination of vendors, your wedding day video and photos can really complement each other.

Video lets you relive your day: The obvious is that videos can let you relive that day any day. As the bride, you cannot be everywhere on your wedding day so the beauty of having a video is that you can see all conversations, dances, and speeches on your big day. The day will go by so fast, so we are able to capture everything for you so that you don’t miss out!

Wedding toasts: In a recent article from D weddings, a bride mentions, “One thing I really regret is not having a recording of my dad’s toast at the reception. The day of the wedding was so overwhelming that I would have liked to have a recording of that.” The beauty of the video is we can capture even the smallest things from what your new husband tells you for the first time to all of your wedding toasts. Nothing can help you relive this day for years to come in the way that video can.

Finally, here is one of our favorite videos that truly defines the beauty behind videography.