Wedding Wisdom – a real perspective

From the makeup session to the first dance to the reception’s concluding song, you and your future spouse will be under a constant spotlight on your big day.

But when this spotlight diminishes, will you wish you did things differently?

I hope not.

Today I read an article from one of our favorite bridal blogs, BridalBuzz by D Magazine, in which a recently wedded bride shares what she would change if she could have her wedding again.

Check it out:

“Thanks to Tiffani Tedrow Kocsis for today’s wedding wisdom:

‘If I had it to do all over again, before booking the venue, I would make sure it wasn’t too big. We didn’t plan for how large ours was and getting people in one place for the big moments wasn’t easy. Also, my husband and I both agree you need make sure to EAT! We had a grilled cheese station, burger and corn dog station, and seafood station and we got NOTHING! We were bouncing all over the place so neither one of us got the chance to grab anything – and we heard it was awesome! Lastly, I wish we had taken a little time for ourselves. We were pulled every direction and we only got to dance together once!’”

Weddings are a time to celebrate. And in doing so, you should also kick back, relax, and cherish every moment with your closest family, friends, and of course, your spouse!

From a filmmaker’s perspective, if you’re having fun trust us that you’re friends and family will have a blast. A wedding film will capture the behind the scenes action that you’ll usually not see until after the day is over but when you’re in the moment, remember to ENJOY YOURSELF!