What’s a Wedding Day Edit?

A lot of questions have been raised about our Wedding Day Edits also known as the Same Day Edit. We take your guests behind the scenes of the bridal & groom prep; share your experiences, feelings, & emotions from the day off; and lastly let them visualize different perspectives of the ceremony from earlier in the day. All this plus more…within a few hours of the ceremony. This film is produced to be presented to all your guests at the reception.

Now let’s take it to the next level!

There are many options available to take this to the next level. Below, I have highlighted some of the many options but lets chat to see how we can customize this for you.
Options include:
1)    Same day delivery – Your guests can take a copy of this film as a party favor at the end of the night. These party favors are delivered in customized DVD cases designed with your vision in mind.
2)    Love story highlight – We can produce the same day edit to include a pre-produced & polished film to be able to tell your story of the beginning of your life together.
3)    Online trailer – Imagine being able to send a link to your wedding day film to all your friends, families, relativities, and colleagues who couldn’t be at the festivities…all within hours of the reception.