Give Your Wedding Film the Hollywood Touch


In days past, certain camera angles and production values were limited to big, Hollywood films. Those films implored the use of a jib camera to give their productions a high quality, more polished look and feel. We are thrilled to offer the use of a jib camera during our client’s wedding festivities. For us, our beautiful brides and dashing grooms are the stars of each wedding film. We aim to capture the beauty, elegance and romance of their special day.

With the jib camera, our filmmakers can showcase sweeping visuals of the wedding day, which will undoubtedly enhance the wedding film. A jib camera is not only a sure-fire way to up the wow factor, but it also will impress your family and friends. We’ve filmed a number of wedding celebrations using the jib camera, and our clients love that we are able to show off the beauty of their wedding details. Our team can unobtrusively film the fantasy of your big day while providing you unparalleled service. What’s more, you will receive the Hollywood treatment without traveling to Los Angeles. The jib is not a replacement for still cameras, but instead it is used in conjunction to produce a high quality wedding film.

Our clients spend days, weeks, months and even years planning the perfect wedding, so we want to highlight the glamour of their big day. The video below is comprised completely of jib camera footage that we’ve shot for clients. Jump below and see what all the hype is about and experience precious moments from a unique perspective with a jib camera.