YouTube Weddings

About a week back I wrote a post titled, “iPod Wedding Films” which sparked some questions from a bride about posting wedding films on YouTube. So, today we will answer some of the questions that exist around posting your wedding films online.

First question that we often hear, can I make my video private on YouTube or does it have to be public? Well, the quick answer to this is YES, you can make the video private but most brides don’t mind sharing their love story with the world and would prefer it to be public.

Secondly another question that we usually get is, YouTube is great but isn’t the video playback going to be low quality? The answer to this is, it doesn’t have to be…We upload High-Definition Videos on YouTube and people can play these videos back in High Definition or Standard Definition based on their internet speeds. Checkout a sample of a High-Definition Video and the same video in Standard-Definition.

Lastly, once I post this video on YouTube, how do I share this with my friends and family? Well, you can send them a direct link to your video or you can embed the code for the video on your wedding website. Another cool thing about YouTube is that it allows you to share your video on Facebook , MySpace, and other social networking platforms.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, what if I am not Technically savy enough to post my video on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, etc & I need some help. That’s not a problem at all. I highly recommend to ask your videographer to help you through this and if you can’t find any light, just shoot me an email. I would be glad to help. Good Luck with sharing your big day with the world using Social Media.